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friday favorites instagram edition.

I spend unhealthy amounts of time scrolling through Instagram, and I'm only kind of sorry about it.  I follow a few hundred accounts, but I have my select favorites.  Today for Friday Favorites, I've compiled an Instagram edition where I share my favorite accounts and why. 1. Kate Call @latewithkate Ok you guys... I discovered this account when I was turned on to her story about accidentally brushing her teeth with what she assumed was toothpaste, and actually wasn't.  I thought I was going to die laughing.  Kate is beautiful, a mom of four girls--if I'm allowed to have favorites then #naughtynova is mine--Target obsessed, and has dance moves to rival all the acts on World of Dance.  The woman literally has me spitting out my drinks 90% of the time--and we all know how serious that must be.  She posts videos of her and her husband attempting couples yoga poses, and all of her stories are hilarious.  From when she thought her OBGYN called her "beefy" to he

hodges take mexico.

Five years ago, Dewy and I were struggling to get pregnant with Larsen--and had been for a while.  We decided to get the heck out of here, and celebrate our anniversary far away.  Playa Del Carmen was the selected destination--even though neither of us had ever been or even heard of it.  We'd never done the all-inclusive thing either, so decided to try that, and we hauled Dewy's cousin and his wife with us.  Mostly because CJ is huge, and if we got caught by the cartel he would be handy to have.  Just kidding.  They're pretty fun. Anyway... when the Hodges met Playa Del Carmen it was love at first sight, and has been our favorite place ever since. Three years ago we planned to go back to Playa again, this time with the Wilsons--get to know that name people, cause you can't have the Hodges without the Wilsons and vice versa.  Remember how I said we had a hard time getting Larsen here? Well Baylor somehow powered through two methods of birth control and ruined our Playa

our summer schedule.

Summer is well under way, and it didn't take long to become apparent that this mom needed a schedule in place or her sanity was going to bail. Most of the things we've been doing this summer are things we have done in the past, but each year I modify it a bit.  None of this is groundbreaking, and I can't even claim to have thought of the concepts myself, but they are proving to help us enjoy our time together this summer, which means no one has died.  Step one: go to fiiz and get a caffinated beverage.  Just kidding...kind of.  Does it drive anyone else insane when your kids wake up and immediately say, "MOM! MOM! MOM! WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY!?" Like I literally want to cut off my ears.  I started doing this last summer, and it worked like a charm.  Each day we have a theme, and I printed it off so Rhett could read for himself what the day would be and then tell Larsen.  The less I have to associate with my kids, the better.  Here is what it looks like: This