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friday favorites instagram edition.

I spend unhealthy amounts of time scrolling through Instagram, and I'm only kind of sorry about it.  I follow a few hundred accounts, but I have my select favorites.  Today for Friday Favorites, I've compiled an Instagram edition where I share my favorite accounts and why.

1. Kate Call @latewithkate
Ok you guys... I discovered this account when I was turned on to her story about accidentally brushing her teeth with what she assumed was toothpaste, and actually wasn't.  I thought I was going to die laughing.  Kate is beautiful, a mom of four girls--if I'm allowed to have favorites then #naughtynova is mine--Target obsessed, and has dance moves to rival all the acts on World of Dance.  The woman literally has me spitting out my drinks 90% of the time--and we all know how serious that must be.  She posts videos of her and her husband attempting couples yoga poses, and all of her stories are hilarious.  From when she thought her OBGYN called her "beefy" to her experience with laser hair removal, from grilled cheese to walnuts, you will never stop laughing with Kate.  She is real, fun, and an account that totally brightens my day.

2. Kelly Jensen @kellyejensen
I have followed Kelly for a long time, and this is an account I turn to when I'm feeling downtrodden or in need of something uplifting.  Kelly is the mom I want to be.  She has 5 kids, one of which has special needs, and she is always doing such fun things with them.  She is such a family advocate, and bears her testimony often about what she believes in and why.  She is positive, without being unrealistic, and she and her husband are the cutest couple ever.  Kelly is someone I look up to as an example of motherhood, womanhood, service, and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Plus, her home is AMAZING. Hey Kelly... if you ever read this, will you come build me a patio like yours with hanging chairs? Thanks much.

3. Trey Kennedy @treynkennedy
Most of you have seen Trey's videos online.  He is famous for his "Girls be like..." videos where he pretends to be a girl in different scenarios like the Superbowl or fall.  He is another one who always has me in stitches.  His "If Bible Characters Had Smartphones" video is HILARIOUS.  This account is completely satirical and snarky which speaks to my soul.  I'm obsessed.

4. Tara Thueson @tarathueson
I've talked about Tara on here before, and I'll probably never stop.  She was the inspiration for my pantry design, and all things tech.  She is a mom, and although she loves dogs--which we won't hold against her--she has a beautiful new home that I want to live in.  She is a small shop owner, loves online shopping, and is always up to date on the latest technology gadgets and apps.  So basically... we are spirit animals and destined to be besties.  She just doesn't know I exist as a human being.  It's fine.  I love following all her adventures--the woman travels more than any other human on earth--and seeing what she does with and without kids.  I love her podcast and how sometimes she sneaks inappropriate comments in on her feed. We all know I love a good innuendo.

5. Alison Faulkner @thealisonshow
I knew Alison and I were destined to be soulmates when I came across the birthday party she threw for herself.  I'm not talking like go to dinner with friends, I'm talking a people bought tickets, men dressed as sharks, popping out of a cake, costume and make-up type party here people.  I follow ALL of her instagram accounts--there are more than one--and have listened to her podcasts all the way through more than once.  Alison is in your face and an advocate of believing in yourself, taking care of yourself, being your best self, and doing the dang thing.  If you are a business owner, influencer, or even just a human being that needs a kick in the pants occasionally, Alison is your girl.

6.Kelsey Nixon @kelseynixon
I used to have like 18 apps downloaded for recipes.  Then, as I was watching Food Network one day--I had yet to discover Queer Eye and Fixer Upper wasn't on--I saw an old familiar face.  Kelsey Nixon is a girl from my area who made it big in the food world.  I knew her sister better, but I cheered Kelsey on as she competed on Food Network shows, was a faithful blog reader when she moved to New York as a newlywed, and was thrilled when I discovered her intsa! Kelsey is down to earth, always happy, and her food is amazing.  She is one of my go-to's for recipes that are family friendly and don't include weird ingredients I have to find in the depths of the rainforest. The story of her little family is heartwarming, and she is another one I go to when I'm feeling a big run down.

7. Naomi Davis @taza
Anyone married to a man with the insta-handle @tiesandfries has to be cool, right? Naomi was another gal whose blog I read WAY back in my teller days--thats over a decade people--and I've been along for the ride as all 5 of her kids came into the world.  Her and her husband live in New York where they are raising their children, and I really enjoy her style.  Naomi is vintage and retro and the only human I know who can pull off her haircut.  I love seeing her travel tips, daily life of motherhood, and how unafraid she is to be exactly the person she is.  This is a girl comfortable in her skin, and inspiring in her go-getter attitude when it comes to mommin' hard.


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