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date night

Remember how when a relationship is in the newness phase it's all about making out, looking good, and being together as much as possible? And remember how after 9 years of marriage, work, and three children its still all about making out, looking good, and being together as much as possible? Wait... it's not? Well, why?

I grew up with parents who ALWAYS had date night on the weekends, and when Dewy and I were engaged they offered me sound advice--guard date night with your life.  Stay within your means, and be smart, but never stop dating.  Now, I'm pretty bossy, and could have easily forced Dewy into taking me on dates, but lucky for me he has always been a willing participant.  Mostly because I put out after, but whatever.  Our dates always include food, because I don't maintain this figure by skipping meals, but that hasn't always meant that we went out to dinner.  When we were first married, and dirt poor, we would pack a picnic and go play catch at the park.  Playing ball has been as much a part of our relationship as making out or laughing, so catch was always a no-brainer date idea.  Now that we have a little bit more money, we like to try new restaurants, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if Dewy wants the good lovin' he will include some ice cream.

This weekend we tried a new taco bar near our house.  I was initially offended when we walked in and the hostess, obviously trying to seat us correctly, asked if we were there to view the fight on pay per view.  Um... no.  Do I look like I watch ultimate fighting? I'm obviously here for food.  The service was terrible, but they had Diet Dr. Pepper, and you know I pounded 12 of those tacos which were delicious.  Follow dinner up with an ice cream cone that could have fed a family of five, and our date night was complete.  Dewy got his standard soft serve with zero toppings, so yes, I ate that cone myself.  You're welcome.

The message here is simple... date your spouse.  Trust those ragamuffins to a teenage girl for a couple hours, throw on some mascara, and regain your sanity.  You can thank me later.


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