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home tour part 1

You've all been begging for it--and by all I mean like 3 of you--so here it is.  We love our home, and one post wouldn't do it justice, so here is part one.  Say hello to the heart of the Hodges' home--the kitchen, dining, and pantry spaces.

When we were designing the kitchen, the original plan was quite a bit different than the end result.  For example, I originally wanted a copper apron sink, but since I didn't have $4,000 to throw in that direction, we had to adapt.  
The other day, Dewy and I were talking and he said, "Amber, face it.  You get whatever you want.  Just admit it." Although I knew he wasn't wrong, I didn't want to admit that I knew he spoke gospel truth here.  If I want it, I get it.  Sometimes it's because Dewy wants it too.  Sometimes it's because Dewy doesn't care, and sometimes it's because I knew he would hate it so I didn't ask before hand but went ahead and made eyes at him after.  Regardless though, he was right, and my kitchen space is exhibit A.  For a minute he tried to fight me on the design of my kitchen, but my brothers-in-law had my back--T Garr you are forgiven for the hunting excursions, and JT we obviously always love you.  "Dude, how many meals are you cooking in there?  Get real.  The kitchen is hers."  

Dewy's main concern in the kitchen--other than cost--was how much white there was going to be.  I knew I wanted some of the cabinets to be white, but there was no way I was going to make my island white.  I had nightmares of kids sitting at my island kicking the cabinet or tucking stools into it and marking it all up.  No white island.  No way.  Jumping most of the cabinets to the ceiling was an upgrade, and the grandness of the crown trim was a no-brainer. Also, drawers are way better than cabinets, so that took some figuring out.  I knew I wanted white counters.  Nothing wild or with big veins, but simple and understated.  These counters were to compliment the kitchen design, not steal the show.  I also knew I wanted white back splash, but I did not want the subway tile look I was seeing everywhere.  Dark grout was a requirement, because keeping white grout clean is as doable as my fitting in a size zero jeans.  The tile guy tried to talk me out of dark.  Hello? Are you letting marinara sauce bubble and splash on your back splash? You're clearly not the chef in the family.  Or the maid.  The windows at the top of the cabinets were a must.  I am obsessed with dishes--mainly mugs and bowls--and all my dishes are adorbs.  Ask my mom and sister who helped me unpack my kitchen and the four boxes of mugs alone.  They were super judgy.  Part of me wishes I had put lights in those glass front cabinets, but I know a guy if I start losing sleep over it.       
Let's talk appliances.  I had heard a rumor that there was a new material that was resistant to finger prints. This evoked a similar feeling to when I heard there was such a thing as Diet Dr Pepper shakes at Sonic.  It's too good to be true... it has to be.  Guess what? It was.  The black stainless appliances are beautiful and I love the finish, but don't be bamboozled into thinking they will be smudge free.  Windex wipes are the greatest cleaning invention ever, and a simple wipe with one of those bad boys will take any mark ups off your appliances.  Trust me on this... I have three boys, and two of them pick their noses. 

When I originally saw the budget for appliances I was concerned.  We needed everything--washer and dryer, total kitchen package including a fridge--and the amount our builder allotted to us was hardly going to cover that.  At least if I wanted ones that functioned, and by functioned I mean top of the line because that's how I do things...  So, we went to Boyle's in Ogden and met up with Pam.  She wrote us up two different orders: one with my choices--which included hood vent, range, double ovens, washer and dryer with pedestals, etc., and one with Dewy approved choices--which you can assume were beautiful as well and much closer to budget.  Guess which one we went with? Remember in my hunting post how I said I wasn't allowed to complain about his hunting ever again because I tripled my kitchen budget? Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it! We went with option A.  But look at that range, for crying out loud! The neon purple interior of those double ovens is still shocking, but the freezer has TWO ICE MAKERS, so whatever. 

The lights needed to be awesome but something that didn't impede on the view of everything else.  Hello glass pendants! The dining room fixture is one of my favorites in the entire house, and although I'm pretty over my dining set--one day we will upgrade that--the fixture draws my attention away from the decade old table and chairs.  Also, fresh flowers.  I made it a rule when we moved in to this house that I would not go a week without fresh flowers on my table.  Sometimes I overcompensate for being the only girl.  I still need something to put on the windowless wall, but can we take a minute to admire the gallery wall, please? We have made it months without anyone knocking that cute succulent pot out of the crate I made into a shelf, and now that I've put that out there it will be broken by bedtime.  
And now for the most glorious spot of all--the pantry.  This space made dewy lose more sleep than anything else.  He's still convinced it is too big.  Ladies, back me up here--you can never have too much storage space, especially when these boys are just going to get bigger and start bringing their friends over.  My house will obviously be the party house.  I designed this pantry from top to bottom--shelf depths, heights, hooks, etc., and I regret nothing.  That door though... I've had it for years--thanks Ashley--and it used to just be a decoration in my house.  If I learned anything during this build, it was that nothing will happen if you don't ask.  I asked our project manager to make the door the pantry door, and he waved his magic wand! Now for the interior... The bins with the lids, cereal containers, and containers storing baking essentials are from The Container Store online and the other bins are from IKEA.  I need to purchase a few more of the giant bins across the bottom, but so far everything has worked out really well.  Plus, if I can't see the double stuffed Oreos, I tend to forget they are there.  I need to frost the windows on the door of the pantry, and one day I'll grow a wild hair and make cute labels for all the bins.  But for now I like the idea of my babysitters having to sift through things.  It's like a scavenger hunt.  You're welcome.


  1. It's gorgeous Amber!!!! So deserved! And I side with you, I love the dark grout 🤩

    1. Thank you!! Every time someone takes my side I tell Dewy 🤣

  2. I've just come across your blog. Your kitchen is beautiful! Tell me more about the appliances you went with. I am picking some for a house I'm building and need advice! Still love them? What would you change? Thank you!

    1. Hi there! I’m so happy you’re here. The appliances are fantastic. We did all of them in a black stainless finish and LG brand. The fridge is a double door with freezer on bottom model and has two ice makers, which has been a life saver! The dishwasher might be my favorite though. We did one with three trays, and the top tray holds all my soppy cup lids, wooden spoons, etc. I’m obsessed!!


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