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whatcha readin' wednesday

The Lincoln Hypothesis
By: Timothy Ballard

This book is a nonfiction read, and I have to be honest... I had to put it down for a few days because I was getting to be emotionally scarred at the beginning.  Timothy Ballard works to help rescue kids from sex traffic rings, and in the beginning he tells a bit about his line of work, so as to help the reader understand why he loves Abraham Lincoln.  Some of the descriptions are graphic--all of it true--and although it is all good outcomes, the thought of children being in any kind of unsafe environment breaks my heart.  However, once I got through that portion and into all his information about Abe Lincoln, I fell in love.  This book has some religious aspects to it along with historical information, and all of the evidence he presents is mind blowing--well kind of.  I believe whole-heartedly that our forefathers were led by the Lord to settle and implement all that they did, so to me the ideas Ballard presents make perfect sense.  It is such a good read! AND the podcast "All In" just interviewed Tim Ballard!

Loves Music, Loves to Dance
By: Mary Higgins Clark

So I will come right out and say that I HATE all things scary--including Halloween.  However, this book is one of my most favorites even though it gives me nightmares.  If you like murder mystery/thriller books, this one is for you.  In the novel, a serial killer is on the loose.  He takes unsuspecting women on dates which end back at his house.  He provides a romantic setting and asks them to dance after supplying them with a pair of glass slippers.  He then executes his deadly plot by killing them.  The glass shoes make it impossible for them to run, though each tries.  He replaces one shoe with the one they wore that night and freezes their bodies.  After some time passes, he brings their frozen bodies out, dances with them again, and leaves them somewhere random in the city with his MO--one glass slipper and one high heel.  You guys.  It's terrifying, but so good.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
By: Mindy Kaling

I actually listened to this on audible as I was driving, and I laughed so hard.  She does drop the F word--which is more shocking to hear than to read--so be warned about that if language bothers you.  This book is a tour through the life of Mindy Kaling, and insight into her opinions on romance, Hollywood, writing, friendship, The Office, and more.  Her break down of all the references one can make to someone being overweight--chubby, chubster, whale, etc.--along with the definition of each, had me rolling.  "I think my parents were strangely proud of it.  Here! Look at our overweight Indian daughter! Do you know how rare this is?!" Seriously people... so funny. 


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