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friday favorites date night edition.

Yesterday Dewy and I celebrated our engagement anniversary, so for Friday favorites this week we are talking dates.  Dewy and I go on dates every week.  We guard that night with our lives, and truth be told our boys love it as much as we do.  They beg for babysitters.  It can't possibly be because I'm anything less than a joy 24-7, right?  Whatever.

This week's favorites are going to be my favorite dates that Dewy and I have gone on.  We are pretty predictable most weeks, but there have been some really fun things we've done.

1. Paddle boarding and dinner on the dam.
We are lucky enough to live right by Weber State University, and their recreation department rents out all kinds of equipment.  One Friday night, we joined our besties and rented four adult size paddle boards.  $40 got us the boards for 24 hours.  We grabbed Cafe Rio and hit Pine View dam.  After a quick picnic on the beach, we got in the water.  We had a blast figuring out how not to fall off the boards, and all about died laughing when Dewy--who is terrified of Tiger Muskies--all but ran across the water to avoid being eaten alive.  A bonus to this date night, was that we had the boards for 24 hours, which meant the next day we packed snacks and lunch and took the kids up to the dam to play for the day.  I think this date ranks as my most favorite date of all time.

2.  Sports
Sports are a passion that Dewy and I have always had in common.  We like to incorporate sports into our dates, and its a nice variation between our typical dinner and dessert.  We have played tennis, softball, golf, and pickle ball, and we always have so much fun.  We are both extremely competitive, so it helps if we double date so we can be on the same team.  However, competing against each other and then making up later never hurt anybody.

3. Archery League
We all know that Dewy is obsessed with nature and hunting.  He especially loves bow hunting.  The winter months are a little bit more difficult when it comes to finding different things to do for date night, however January brings Archery League at a place in Bountiful called Wild Arrow.  Archery league is a blast, mostly because of the company.  You can attend every Friday night, or simply whenever you want, and the night consists of shooting at faux animal targets and a halftime game.  The people there are so much fun, and my only complaint about this kind of date is that it lasts a while which makes babysitting a little more pricey.  We've also shot guns, and when I say "we" I mean he shoots and I stare at his bum.  I would like the record to show, however that I am actually a really good shot.

4. Try a new restaurant
One of the easiest date night ideas is to pick a new restaurant to go try.  Take turns deciding who gets to select the dinner location.  A while ago I made a social media post asking friends to share with me their favorite places to eat.  I've got a list of places for us to try, and whenever we can't think of somewhere to go, I pull a place off that list.  Trying new food is fun, and we have discovered some great restaurants by doing this. This is simple, can be done during any season, and pays off later as well if you find a real gem of a spot.  And if you do, tell me.


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