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friday favorites amazon edition.

I can't remember the last time I set foot in the mall.  It's almost upsetting.  Until I realize that I can shop with no bra on and not offend the world when doing it...I've been shamed at the grocery store before for being braless, but that is another story for another day.  Back to shopping...

I am a professional shopper.  I pride myself on finding great deals and products, and I'm convinced I could single-handedly keep Amazon Prime afloat. One day--super upset that he had to walk to my door pack-mule style, I'm sure--my mail carrier said, "You know... it looks real bad when they all come on the same day." My response? "Well they all come everyday, so... you're welcome!" 

I have rounded up some of my favorite Amazon purchases for this week's Friday favorites, and I think you are going to love them all!
I've talked about these before, but I am NOT above reminding you about their greatness. I can buy them at a local store, in the giant tub they come in on Amazon, but they are wrapped.  Nothing has ever made me look like a bigger fool than trying to open those smarty suckers.  Amazon's come unwrapped in the tub, and make everyone happy.  Smarty suckers aren't sticky, don't stain clothes, and keep your kids quiet.  Basically it is every mom's secret weapon.

I am a sucker for sunglasses.  And I will inevitably break them or lose them in about 4.8 minutes.  That means I need a cute pair, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg, and can be here lickety split.  I have found TONS of pairs on Amazon, and the link will take you to the ones I bought yesterday.  

Remember in school when we used to make fun of kids who wore their backpacks around all day? Like... hello... you have a locker.  Did you know that now it's the opposite, and kids think it's weird when you don't have a backpack? Freaking teenagers.  Well... I use a backpack for a diaper bag, and the one I linked here is the back I use when I travel or need to be mentoring around the district.  The pockets are great, the design is modern--and doesn't look like I'm carrying granola I might add, and the main pocket is perfect for my laptop.  I will go into a fit of rage if I'm carrying a purse that keeps sliding off my arm.  Solution? Backpack.  Also, I was turned on to this particular one by Cathy the great.

When we were building our house we knew the loft was going to be the boys' domain.  The furniture needed to be able to withstand the rough housing...enter the giant bean bags! We bought one from a furniture store, and this one from Amazon, and of the two the Amazon bag was cheaper, better made, and much bigger.  If you are looking for something along these lines, here is the one we got. 

5. KidzShake 
Our little Larsen is OBSESSED with chocolate milk.  Like it is the only thing that provides him with nutrients because he refuses to eat anything else.  He has always been a bit on the smaller end--well... for the Hodges' boys at least--and I used to really worry about his weight and if he was getting the things his body needs.  Enter KidzShake.  This is a protein designed specifically for kid's bodies, and the flavors disguise all the healthy crap.  I make sure that I sneak some in to one of Larsen's chocolate milks, and I rest easy. 


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